We first met at Loyola University in 2020, as a professor and a student. We immediately clicked, growing close and admiring shared qualities we saw in one another: kindness, professionalism, and motivation. We stayed in touch after graduation, supporting one another during our own journeys into the aesthetic nursing field. Together, we strive to build long-lasting, meaningful relationships with our patients. At Aelan Aesthetics, we believe in the virtues of natural rejuvenation and empowerment. As providers, we’re living our dream of helping patients embrace their natural beauty and enhance their best features, all while minimizing the aging process. 

It is our privilege to be part of your aesthetic journey. 

We hope to see you soon!

Jessica L. Orozco, BSN, RN

Aesthetic Nurse

With more than a decade of healthcare experience, Jessica always aspired to carve out a space for herself in the aesthetic field. After earning Bachelor’s degrees in both health science and nursing, Jessica worked in a plethora of departments, such as women’s health, postpartum, mother and baby, NICU, emergency care, pain management, and physical therapy. However, after shadowing a nurse practitioner in aesthetics during undergrad, she found her calling. Driven by the ability to uplift her patients and help instill them with confidence, Jessica is passionate about cultivating trusted relationships with her patients, saying, “It’s so important to create a safe space that allows clients to be themselves—to feel empowered through my care.

Thao Griffith, PhD, RN

Aesthetic Nurse

As a practicing nurse and Professor at Loyola University Chicago, Thao has proven her worth as a skilled and motivated RN. She has found joy as both a leader and a team player during her 11-year career, caring for patients in a number of settings, including medical spas, pediatric clinics, and wellness centers. As an aesthetic nurse, Thao has extensive training in the field and specializes in non-surgical aesthetic procedures. “Aesthetic nursing continues to fuel my passion for learning and allows me to fulfill my creative side while still using my clinical judgment,” Thao says. “I absolutely love it when my patients feel beautiful and confident!”

Laura Purdy, MD

Medical Director

Dr. Purdy is a board-certified Family Medicine Physician and an expert in the aesthetic field, owning and operating many successful medical aesthetics clinics. Dr. Purdy is at the forefront of digital medicine, becoming a digital health expert through telehealth medicine experiences in both leadership and medical practitioner roles. She served as a physician in the US Army for 14 years, providing and directing primary care for hundreds of thousands of patients of all ages from all walks of life. Dr. Purdy has been featured in Vogue on NPR, ABC, and NBC news, etc. as the nation’s leading authority and thought leader on the future of digital healthcare. She and her husband have been married since 2012 and have four kids, all under the age of 10. Dr. Purdy balances a fulfilling and busy life as a mom, wife, and entrepreneur. Her extensive experience in aesthetic medicine, primary care, and telehealth medicine is invaluable and we are honored to have her clinical insights and expertise as Medical Director of Aelan Asthetics.


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